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Our Story

Welcome to Boutique by Venetia, where we celebrate the artistry of hand embroidery inspired by the vibrant and intricate designs found in India. Our collection showcases unique handcrafted bags, keepsake boxes, pashminas, and accessories, each telling a story of creativity and cultural richness.

— Founders

Boutique by Venetia

Our journey began with a transformative trip to northern India, where we were captivated by the local artisans and their mastery of Zardozi, a traditional embroidery technique. Zardozi, meaning "goldwork," is a centuries-old art form that involves intricate stitching using metallic threads, embellished with semi-precious gemstones. These exquisite designs are inspired by the beauty of lotus flowers, majestic peacocks, and other elements of nature.

At Boutique by Venetia, we are passionate about preserving this ancient craft and supporting the talented artisans who bring it to life. Each piece in our collection is a testament to their skill, dedication, and attention to detail. By choosing our accessories, you embrace the legacy of these artisans, while adding a touch of opulence and individuality to your ensemble.

Our Journey

Our curated selection includes hand-embroidered bags that are not only functional but also works of art, carrying the essence of Indian heritage wherever you go. Our keepsake boxes are crafted with love and attention to detail, providing a special place for your cherished memories. Wrap yourself in luxury with our exquisite pashminas, meticulously woven to provide warmth, comfort, and style.

We believe that accessories hold the power to transform an outfit and express your unique personality. That's why we take pride in offering you a collection that is as unique as you are. Each item is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of northern India, where tradition and innovation intertwine.

Join us on a journey of discovery as you explore Boutique by Venetia. Immerse yourself in the allure of Zardozi, where every stitch tells a tale of artistry and devotion. Let our accessories become a part of your story, connecting you with the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and the timeless beauty of India's artistic traditions.


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